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11 July 2021:
An education article about a game between a lower and higher rated player in the 1st Round of NATO Chess 2019
Some exercises of the 1st Round of NATO Chess 2019

1 April 2021:
Open File (Magazine UK Armed Forces Chess Association) - Edition Spring 2021

6 December 2020:
Remembering Ben de Cat - and his irregular openings

9 Oct 2020:
Open File (Magazine UK Armed Forces Chess Association) - Edition Autumn 2020

28 June 2020:
Due to the uncertainty of the world situation, the 31th NATO Chess Championship has been postphoned to 2021. Details will be followed later.

30 April 2020:
Armed Services invites you to read their articles. They can be found at a tab called 'download'. You need to click on this and then the password all in uppercase is OFREADERS and this will take you to the magazines including the latest one which is Spring 2020. You are most welcome to download what you wish, but all we ask is that you keep the password to yourself.

26 April 2020:
With sadness we have to inform you that our Belgian NCC player Ben de Cat unexpectedly passed away on 21st April 2020. Ben will be forever remembered by the NCC community with his love for life and for his unconventional chess playing style. More details about Bens funeral

10 March 2020:
US Chess Ethics Committee member David Hater elected to the FIDE Ethics Commission

29 January 2020:
Announcement NATO Chess 2020 Tournament
Link to the tournament site
Link to Belgian Military Chess